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Contract information

Contract information


  • General Contract information
  • 24h roadside assistance
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Pick-up and delivery service
  • Insurance
  • Technical maintenance and repairs
  • Tyre change and storage
  • Invoice administration
  • Accident management
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24h Roadside assistance

24h Roadside assistance

When necessary, feel free to use the 24 hour Roadside Assistance by calling +371 67819722

Ayvens 24h Roadside Assistance provides following support:

  • Advice on problem situations on the road
  • Assistance on site (e.g.  when the car cannot be started, a tire needs to be replaced, car keys are locked in the car etc.)
  • Towing the vehicle to the nearest partners garage or to Riga. In cases when car has to stay in the garage, the way home for the driver and passengers will be organized.


24h Roadside Assistance is provided in the territory of the EEA (European Economic Area).

Abroad services are provided with the support of cooperation partners.

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The car you are driving has the:

  • Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability (CMTPL) insurance;
  • Voluntary Motor Own Damage (MOD or CASCO) insurance.

The CMTPL insurance covers the insurance of the civil liability of the owner or rightful user of the vehicle for damage caused to a third person in a traffic accident, i.e., it indemnifies the damage if the driver has caused it to third persons or their property.

The MOD insurance covers the following risks:

  • collision with another vehicle or obstacle;
  • overturn and fall (e.g., from bridge etc.) of the vehicle on the move;
  • collision with pedestrian or an animal;
  • fire, explosion;
  • natural disasters (storm, flood, lightning, hail, earthquake, avalanche, landslide);
  • damages from falling objects;
  • illegal actions by third parties;
  • theft, robbery, burglary, stealing.


Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents

What to do if you are involved in an accident?

Turn on the emergency lights and set up the warning triangle! At night-time do not forget safety vest!

  • If possible, fill out the agreed statement (see below)
  • Otherwise call the police 112 and emergency if necessary 03 or 112 
  • If, according to the traffic rules, the car may not be used further in the traffic and needs towing, call Ayvens 24 Hour Roadside Assistance. Phone No +371 67819722 

Agreed statement form may be filled out only if the following conditions are met:

  • Only two cars are involved, and both may be used further in traffic (no need for towing)
  • There are no victims
  • Both parties can agree on the circumstances of the accident
  • Third party property is not damaged

If at least one of the above mentioned conditions is not met, call the police immediately from the site on 112.

The accident must be registered with Ayvens within 3 business days. Phone No +371 67783386.

Ayvens will represent you in all insurance case-related matters:

  • handle the necessary documents;
  • negotiate with the insurance company;
  • organize repair works;
  • monitor and inform of repair deadlines.
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Technical maintenance and repairs

Technical maintenance and repairs

  • Please make sure that regular technical maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • All maintenance and repair works are carried out only by an authorized service provider approved by Ayvens. Please make sure that all maintenance works are recorded in vehicle Service Book
  • Any technical maintenance and repair works related to vehicle warranty must be carried out only by the particular vehicle brands authorized dealer service center
  • Other repairs not related to vehicle warranty retention (e.g., lamp or wiper blade change, technical fluid replenishment) may be carried out by other repair shops that are approved as Ayvens partners
  • To apply for technical maintenance or repair please call Ayvens or the respective service center to make an appointment


  • The recommended interim servicing, not set as mandatory by manufacturer, is not included in rental payment
  • We appreciate your efforts to take care of your car by regularly cleaning it and checking the level of oil and other technical liquids
  • We also appreciate you not smoking in the car
Technical check-up

Technical check-up

This service is optional. To find out if it is included in the contract, please
contact your fleet manager or check here.

  • Ayvens will remind you about the Technical inspection deadlines
    and procedure.
  • Technical inspection can be performed at any regional department
    of the Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).
  • If you plan to perform the Technical inspection well before the set
    deadline, please inform Ayvens!


  • Vehicle Operation Tax – paid by Ayvens before Technical inspection
  • Fee for Technical inspection – paid by Ayvens after the inspection
    is performed (according to ALD Automotive and CSDD mutual
    agreement on postpayments)
  • Company Car Tax – paid by Ayvens or customer before the
    Technical inspection (depending on the lease agreement terms)
  • Fines and penalties (if any) – paid by customer before Technical
Replacement vehicle

Replacement vehicle

During your vehicle repairs Ayvens offers to rent a replacement vehicle

In cases when replacement vehicle is not included in lease agreement or being used longer than the included relief days, it will be provided according to Ayvens standard price list.

If there is a need for replacement car, please contact us:

Customer Service

Phone No: +371 67783388


Replacament car order has to be approved by your manager!

Pick-up and delivery service

Pick-up and delivery service

If this service is included in lease agreement, Ayvens will pick up the car from your office and deliver it to specified service provider to perform:

  • Annual technical inspection
  • Tire change
  • Regular technical maintenance and other repair works
  • Damage evaluation and repairs after insurance case

After finishing repair works, your car will be delivered back to your office.

This service is provided within territory of Riga city.

Tyre change and storage

Tyres management

This service provides:

  • Tire storage at Ayvens tire partner. Full tire partners list is available in service providers section;
  • Seasonal tire mounting twice per year;
  • Worn out tire replacement to new ones in cases, when the tread depth does not comply with the rules.

Tire change is organized as follows:

  • Ayvens will inform you, when the tire change season has begun;
  • If your car tires are stored in Riga, you can book the appointment electronically on our website. If tires are stored outside Riga, please book your time by calling to the respective tire centre.
Returning your vehicle

Returning your vehicle

The termination of the operational lease contract implies inevitably the return of the used vehicle to Ayvens.

Please get acquainted to the Vehicle Restitution Guide. There you will find a detailed description of the vehicle return process and clear guidelines on which you company car will be assessed
upon return.

Please ensure that the car is clean (both the interior and the exterior), with all options and accessories and the fuel tank is not empty (indicator is off).

Fuel card

Fuel card

  • With Fuel Credit Card issued by Ayvens you can purchase fuel,
    car related goods (e.g. washing liquid etc.) and pay for services
    available at petrol stations.
  • Invoices on the goods and services will be sent to your
    company together with the monthly invoice.
  • Please don’t forget to provide correct mileage of your car upon
    each fueling (mileage has to be entered in POS terminal before
    PIN code, if requested).
  • In order to prevent your fuel credit card abuse, always keep
    the PIN code in a safe place.
  • In case you have forgotten or lost your PIN code, Ayvens will
    issue you a new fuel credit card or/and re-send the PIN code.

NB! If your fuel card is LOST or STOLEN:

  • ALWAYS inform Ayvens the same day within working hours or
    the next working day by phone No +371 677 833 88;
  • if this case happened outside our working hours, please callIMMEDIATELY to Fuel Suppliers in order to block the fuel card:

    CIRCLE K – phone No +371 8000 9005
    (outside business hours)
    NESTE – phone No +371 8000 9006
    (outside business hours)

Washing services

Washing services

Useful information

Useful information

Customer Service

Phone No. during business hours: +371 677 833 88

Phone No. outside business hours: +371 67 819 722 (24h Roadside assistance)

Please inform Ayvens on any vehicle damages as soon as you notice them! We will advise you on the necessary actions in order to reduce or eliminate additional costs for your company.

We wish you a successful and safe driving!
Sincerely Ayvens